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Welcome To WildDay

Founded in 2000 by Michael Green and Mick Jackson WildDay.com is now Europe’s largest online Outdoor Store.

Based in the Highlands of Scotland WildDay has an unrivalled selection of branded outdoor gear at unbeatable internet prices.

This success of WildDay.com has allowed it to help incubate two remarkable new companies, Wild Hearts In Action and WildDay Out.

Wild Hearts in Action:
If you could buy your office supplies from a company that offered great prices AND service but gave ALL its profits to save the lives of children throughout the world... would you do it?

WildHearts In Action, is an office supplies company created to give businesses the ability to give money to charity without having to ‘donate’ a penny. ALL profits from WildHearts In Action go directly to the WildHearts Foundation to help those in need around the globe.

The proposition is simple; every business uses office supplies to differing degrees and the vast majority of those products come from the same source. What if you could transform something as mundane as your office supplies into a means of feeding starving children, building schools and preventing child trafficking? WildHearts In Action offers highly competitive prices, full e-procurement, 24 hour delivery and outstanding service AND EVERY PENNY of profit goes into the WildHearts Foundation. That’s why its customers say, with ‘WildHearts in Action- Even a bad day at the office saves lives’

If you would like to make a difference whilst you make a living and join the growing number of companies that are putting compassion at the heart of their business, then contact WildHearts In Action on 01667 45 88 49 or e-mail info@wildheartsinaction.org. To find out more visit www.WildHeartsInAction.org

WildDay Out:
WildDay Out gives people like YOU the opportunity to take part in fun sports events or extreme challenges, whilst letting all your friends and family know what you’re up to and helping to fight global poverty. Visit www.WildDayOut.com now to find out more!

WildDay Out creates innovative sports events focused on supporting the work of the WildHearts Foundation whilst inspiring people to get fit and healthy. WildDay Out events include everything from unique fun runs and exhilarating cycle challenges to fun family days out. Whether you want to indulge your competitive streak, beat your personal best or just shift a couple of extra pounds, WildDay Out that will be perfect for you. WildDay Out events also feature loads of awesome activities and team games. You could challenge your mates to game of human table football, wrestle your boss in a sumo suit or bounce about on our bungee trampolines. Whatever it takes to get your adrenaline pumping! Check out current events at www.WildDayOut.com/events.

The WildDay Out website is packed full of other great things to do. You’ll be able to meet like-minded people in the forum, pick up top training and nutrition tips from our team of experts or have your 15 minutes of fame by becoming a WildHearts Hero or Champion. Throughout all of this you’ll know that you’ve directly helped some of the world’s poorest people by fundraising for the WildHearts Foundation. All WildDay Out participants create their own unique online fundraising where their friends will be able to sponsor them, helping to support WildHearts projects around the world. This is also a great way to tell everyone what you’re doing. There are fantastic prizes up for grabs for top fundraisers and if you’re really awesome WildDay Out will run a special profile on what you’ve been up to. You’ll be in great company too, just check out our WildHearts Adventurers to see the type of heroism we inspire… www.WildDayOut.com/adventurers

The Wild Hearts Foundation:
The WildHearts Foundation was created by WildDay.com co-founder Mick Jackson, whose life was transformed by tragedy during a high altitude climbing expedition. In 2001 Mick made headline news when he turned back from his attempt to climb K2 to save the life of a dying Sherpa. The experience taught him the true nature of humanity and he promised that if hemade it home alive he would do everything in his power to make a difference. The WildHearts Foundation is the fulfillment of that promise. To find out more about the nightmare that inspired a new philanthropic movement visit www.WildHeartsInAction.org/our_inspiration.htm

The WildHearts Foundation is dedicated to launching companies that benefit humanity. It’s first such company, WildHearts In Action, is an office supplies company created to give businesses the ability to give money to charity without having to ‘donate’ a penny. ALL profits from WildHearts In Action go directly to the WildHearts Foundation to help those in need around the globe. To find out how your work place could change something as mundane as its office supplies into life savers please visit www.WildHeartsInAction.org

As part of its community strategy WildHearts has recently launched WildDay Out, a company which creates innovative sports events for all ages and levels of fitness. WildDay Out events aim to bring communities closer together and to inspire people to adopt healthy, active lifestyles, whilst raising funds to help the WildHearts Foundation fight global poverty. Check out WildDay Out’s events and the WildHearts Adventurers, individuals undertaking epic challenges around the world at www.WildDayOut.com.



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