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Welcome to Rohan Travel Clothing

Since the 1970s our clothing has been worn literally everywhere. It all started on a kitchen table believe it or not.

Rohan clothing is not like ordinary clothing. And it’s not like regular outdoor gear. Naturally it’s designed to perform. But it’s also designed to blend in – rather than stand out.

You can’t see it, but underneath the understated fascia hides some of the most advanced fabric technology available anywhere in the world. So, to help you make an informed decision, and because we prefer to back up our claims, we measure, accurately and scientifically, the exact technical performance of all our clothing.

Sun Protection:
During the 1990s Rohan were pioneering in their work with British Standards to establish a recognised system for rating clothing and the levels of protection it can offer. UPF ratings indicate how protective a fabric is against solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR). The higher the UPF rating, the lower the UVR penetration and better the protection against sunburn and skin damage. Our garments offer High or Total protection. Match the UPF to how extreme the climate is and the amount of time you are likely to be exposed to the sun.

Airflow fabrics employ a light, open structure to allow even the slightest breeze to flow through the fabric to your skin. This process helps to carry hot air away from your body and promotes evaporation, which has a natural cooling effect on the body.

Moisture Control:
All our Dynamic Moisture Control™ (DMC) fabrics have been treated to rapidly absorb excess moisture, ‘flashing’ it across the fabric, allowing the natural process of evaporation to work as efficiently as possible. This keeps you cool and dry.

Odour Managment:
Washing your clothes regularly can be difficult when travelling. Innovative X-static® silver technology inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria, making your clothes perfect for extended journeys.

Proper Insulation:
Primaloft® One is the most efficient synthetic insulation in the world, and features in many of our wadded jackets and tops. It is 24% warmer than the nearest equivalent insulation and absorbs 3 times less water than typical synthetic insulation materials.

Wind Protection:
Wind speeds affect how cold it seems, e.g. a wind speed of 20mph can make 5°C feel like –6°C! Garments with Total Protection Ratings give complete windproof protection and garments with High Protection significantly reduce the effect of wind on your body temperature.

All Rohan Waterguard clothing exceeds British Standard EN20811 for waterproofing by at least 4 times and usually 10 times. We use hydrophilic membrane technology with Permanent Water Repellency™ (lasts at least 50 washes) or Durable Water Repellency™ (lasts at least 20 washes) for maximum performance and protection.

Versatile Layering:
Choose a well-planned system of lightweight versatile layers so you can match your clothes to the weather for maximum comfort and protection.

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